Requirements Solutions


We assist our clients in resolving the disconnect between business needs and IT processes. Through our proven RAPID® Requirements Management (RRM), comprising widely accepted industry best practices, we ensure that business and IT processes are in lockstep. RRM employs a formalized plan for developing appropriate communications and documentation and structured mechanics assiduously streamlined to support end-to-end traceability – from business need identification all the way to implementation and adoption. Our adaptation of techniques and approaches makes RRM scalable and easy to incorporate into any organization.

Capability Adoption

Adopting RRM into your organization and culture will improve your processes – today and tomorrow. We will define the objectives, assess your current state of business analysis, provide recommendations for reaching end-state, and manage the adoption to align with your internal processes, culture, and rollout plan.

Requirements Management

In addition to Capability Adoption, we can manage the business analysis function and repository of processes. We will estimate, forecast, and prepare for project demand; staff and manage project phases; coordinate downstream project activities; collaborate with suppliers; and manage the process and requirements repository. 

User-Centric Requirements Management (UCRM)

The user experience is paramount, especially for digital, mobile, and highly interactive engagements. In these cases, we leverage the foundational techniques in RRM along with the application of our Agile and UX expertise.

Critical Project Rescue

We rescue projects that are in jeopardy. We can carefully assume ownership of your project while leveraging any positive work that has been performed and assess current state, determine the cause of distress, formulate a strategic action plan, and manage the project’s turnaround. Or we can simply assess and recommend solutions. In any case, we can help course correct and drive success.