Owning Projects

Where do you turn when internal resources are maxed out building new enterprise solutions? More than a new hire, you need a team of experts at your disposal to take on new, urgent or special technology initiatives.

When it comes to taking ownership of outcomes, ettain group puts its best, most innovative technology experts on the job to execute your unique project requirements from ramp to delivery. We work side by side with you from concept advice to implementation support on projects designed to solve your most complex business problems.

Your experience? Confidence that your hands-on, dedicated outsourced team is using a proven solution delivery methodology. From Application Development, Infrastructure, Project Management, Healthcare IT and Digital Createve, we offer full lifecycle technology development through outsourced services focused on increasing your business productivity and efficiency with effective new technology solutions.

We build business solutions including:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • .NET Development and Architecture
  • Infrastructure Deployment & Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • UI / UX
  • EMR Go Live Support, Training & Optimization

Projects owned by ettain group partner teams are:

  • Governed by a proven methodology steeped in PMI, Agile and Six Sigma
  • Typically short to medium term in duration
  • Clearly defined scope with a timeline that has a well-defined beginning, end and outcome
  • Measured through defined milestones and deliverables 
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