ettain group solutions


Shift your view on technology resources to advance your market position with a variety of solutions that leverage talent under our direction or yours to match your needs. Today’s market realities can be maximized with flexible delivery models built to meet your business goals. We offer solutions in recruiting resources and managed services to leverage the talent landscape based on economic demand and other data related to your industry. Energize smarter business decisions and secure the in-demand talent for the solutions you need. Since 1996 we’ve helped our clients understand the skills gap and stay ahead of the technology curve. Today we focus our expertise on solving your competitive challenges with the utmost market evidence and certainty.

Recruiting Resources

Above all else, the experience must be equally extraordinary for both you and the candidates you bring on board. How do we offer talent recruiting solutions that meet a wide variety of hiring needs? It starts with a unique perspective on the resources in demand and ends with a familiarity of the best fit for each niche. We deliver the right solution with our approach that considers:

  • Market Insights based on tracking supply and demand trends for early-mover access to top talent
  •  Brand Advocacy that ensures we effectively represent your company’s culture to engage the right candidates
  •  Flexibility as we seek the best match based on specific goals, from individual resources to staffing your project or program

By recruiting resources that are both sharp and perfectly suited to your culture and workplace community, we help you maintain a fresh and focused workforce. Tap a talent life cycle supported by smart business decisions that delivers the talent you demand. From direct hires to staff augmentation and outsourced teams, ettain group recruiting solutions stem from encounters like none other in IT recruiting.


Go beyond IT recruiting with Managed Services solutions from ettain group. We deliver next level management and ownership of IT programs and projects. We bring decades of consulting expertise and leadership in compliance and governance to assure partner-based oversight of your technology initiatives. ettain group is your path to high performing teams that deliver on managed engagements with a strong focus on driving efficiencies and process improvement. We offer flexible delivery models to deliver project, program or functional solutions in:

  • PMO Services 
  • Infrastructure Support
  •  Application Development
  •  Healthcare IT
  •  Digital Creative Services​

Owning Projects

Managing Programs

Shorter term projects with defined scope and outcome including timeline for measurable milestones and deliverables with specified completion of project specific tasks

Managing Programs – long-term program management based on well-defined scope, service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs),  with repeatable processes for long term oversight of day-to-day business functions