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in Charlotte, NC

Job #:268306

Practice Area: Technology

Date Posted: 09/11/2018

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ettain group has an immediate opening for a Technical Lead with a large retail client in Charlotte, NC.  The Tech Lead is the technical interpreter between the core team and the development team.  The Tech Lead establishes a technical vision with the core team and works with developers to turn it into reality.

Technical Lead Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for understanding how the solution works
  • Removes technical impediments
  • Works heavily with the PM and Designer during prototyping process
  • Works with other engineering teams as needed (APIs, Security, Platform partners, etc)\
  • Pragmatism= You are pragmatic and find a balance between doing it right and getting it done. You cut corners when it’s expedient but never out of laziness. You encourage the team to find temporary workarounds to issues that are blocking progress, and to build a solid releasable infrastructure to start.
  • Communication= Tech leads listen and encourage debate. They don’t enter discussions with foregone conclusions, and always allow themselves to be persuaded by great ideas.
  • Technical Vision= You have an overall vision for the technical direction of the product and make sure the team understands it. They delegate feature areas to other team members and let them make their own decisions, understanding that the team is smart and can be relied on to handle significant work efforts.
  • Relationship with Product= You are in a conversation with product managers and designers about how the product should work. You are not afraid to push back on decisions they disagree with, but keep the product goals in mind and know when to accommodate them.  Tech Leads find creative workarounds to technical constraints by suggesting solutions that are less technically demanding, and help the PM and UX understand technical challenges so that they make informed decisions on trade-offs.
  • Self-Directed= A Tech Lead must be able to take the initiative to figure out solutions on their own. API documentation can often be vague or incomplete, and while the Tech Lead should reach out for help and clarity when necessary, you should always be trying to figure out a solution on your own.
  • Typically spends 80% of time in Prototyping phase creating prototypes with PM and UX and 20% in development phase answering team questions and removing technical impediments.

Technical Lead Job Requirements: 

  • 1-3 years technical experience with mobile or website related systems preferred.
  • Background in technology support and troubleshooting processes a plus.
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly to maintain support of a very dynamic systems architecture.
  • Experience in retail industry, grocery or food preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to build relationships and effectively communicate and influence across all organizational levels.

Technical Lead Job Location:

Charlotte, NC

Technical Lead Job Key Words:

  • UX, Product Owner, Technical Project Manager, Mobile, Web, Prototyping, Communication, Technical Lead

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